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The Best 14 Small Business Blog Productivity Resources Reviewed

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This isn’t a hard sell; it’s about using what truly works to make running a small business online possible. You already know this. A boatload of not so good out there. Stuff that kinda works or support that is invisible when you most need it. Ditch that; you’ve no time for half baked. Here is a list of the best 14 small business blog productivity resourced WPBT has currently reviewed, used or recommended to friends and acquaintances.

The main reason WP Blogger Tools exists is purely based on the interests and curiosity of the author(s). WordPress is a powerful yet flexible CMS that just about anybody at any technical level can master. With the right theme, plugins and support services, coding isn’t necessary. It might add features that wouldn’t exist otherwise but for most bloggers and small businesses they can have a professional website without a lot of headaches.

But using WordPress, configuring a theme, finding the right plugin functionality is one very small aspect of running an online business. To really be online, support services like email, social media posting and productivity tools make the job of the small business owner or sole entrepreneur much easier.

The Best 14 Small Business Blog Productivity Resources Reviewed

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The resources listed on this page are just a fraction of the choices available. One mission of WP Blogger Tools is to sort out and find the gems, those well supported, easy to use resources that make running WordPress websites and online business possible without costing a fortune. We literally strive to be the “Blog on a budget” resource for the best most affordable resource review and tech advice sites available.

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Many “tools” listed are popular and well-known.  Some are strictly focused on a specific function. Either way, WPBT aims for resources that are useful, robust and provide support in an affordable way because it can be a huge disappointment to get locked into a monthly subscription service only to find out that either the service or the support doesn’t live up to expectations.

The resources on this page are broken into 2 groups: 1) WordPress or 2) Productivity. Either the resource is used with WordPress or connected to it OR the resource is a productivity tool, service or app that small business owners find handy. So take a look at this resource post, bookmark it and occasionally check back as it is updated.

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WordPress Resources For Small Business

1- Best theme functionality for the money: Astra Pro

Website creation is simple with Astra. Check out this article on why Astra could make creating your WordPress site much much easier.

2 -Theme alternate: GeneratePress

If you need a cheaper theme but still want flexibility and support, our article here outlines why GeneratePress could be a good choice.

3 – Only caching plugin we’ll use – WP Rocket

Hands down our no 1 choice. Tried others and found this consistently worked with different themes, page builders and groups of plugins.

4 – Best overall page builder, form lead gen, quiz and A/B tester in one – ThriveThemes

Simply for the money ThriveThemes provides more options and the best responsive support out there.

5 – Page Builder Alternative – Elementor Pro

This page builder has been downloaded over 3,000,000 times. It’s flexible, versatile and easy to use.

6. Best versatile affiliate marketing plugin that does more – Advanced Ads

We actually use this for more than just affiliate ad or Google ads but you’d have to read our posts to understand the unique ways you can administer, manage and inject ads, notices and more into your pages and posts. The amount of time saved using this one plugin is significant.

7. Social Media Schedulers – Tailwind

Tailwind isn’t cheap; it charges per platform, unlike others that allow 2 or 3 soclal channels for a free account and more for paid plans. Tailwind is the big gun in scheduling on Pinterest and working hard to compete in the Instagram scheduling marketplace.

8. Social Media Alternate Schedulers – preference is either Buffer or Blog2Social.

Again, this is an area with many options. The 2 we list are very different in how they handle scheduling. Each has some major strengths.

9. Forms, Surveys, Connectivity – Google Docs

Google docs are free and useful. Form, surveys, even connecting spreadsheets to other 3rd party apps for administration, management and data mining.

10. Email Service Provider – A lot of great choices depending on the need.

We’ve used many of the well-known email providers on various websites and can’t pick just one. Our favorites are SendInBlue, Mailerlite, ConvertKit, Mailchimp and ActiveCampaign. They vary so much in price and features it’s better just to refer you to our main review here.

11. Productivity Organization – Trello

Great for organizing online notes, reminders, project ideas and all those little scribbles of paper that would get lost otherwise.

12. 3rd Party Integration – Zapier

When direct integration isn’t possible this is the tool to use.

13. Video creation for business growth – Screencast-o-matic.

The easiest and cheapest way to record and edit for WordPress, Youtube and more

14. Legal documentation and incorporation – IncFile

At least in the US, this is the easiest way to go when forming an LLC in any state.

Check back as the list gets updated; WPBT is always searching for new and innovative small business resources that help manage, administer and help grow online.

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Small Biz Blog Productivity Resources

The Best 14 Small Business Blog Productivity Resources Reviewed

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