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Blog Niche Ideas

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The first step before you ever sign up with a hosting provider or pick a domain name is figuring out what you’re blog is going to be about. You’ll hear all kinds of advice, probably as many different opinions as the number of folks you talk to. Having a successful online business is one part research, one part motivation, some budget planning, and a whole lotta luck. Here’s your wake up call. The best niche is a balance between something you’re interested in, are good at and something that might interest others or something they are looking for help on.

Niche Strategy That Works

You’ll hear a lot about “narrowing your niche”; there is some truth to that but mostly what I’ve seen is that narrower niches are easier for search engines to index and understand. I’ve found that websites with a wide range of topics unless they are a major news source, find it difficult to rank for SEO or search engine optimization. If you’re really into something unique, you’ll do better faster because there won’t be as much competition, but you should have an idea of what competition is out there for the niche you pick.

List of Niches

So make a list of interests, skills, and hobbies; research websites that include these topics. Make a list of at least a dozen topics and then pick the top 3. Figure out what niche you would feel comfortable writing about for a long time because building a blog isn’t a short term endeavor. From your niche ideas list, you need to determine if any of these niches meet the following 3 criteria.

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Criteria for successful niches

#1 – Is the niche narrow enough to rank well for search engine traffic but wide enough for you to write about.

If the niche is too narrow you will run out of ideas to blog about. If it is too wide overall your blog won’t rank well for SEO. For example, a blog about dogs is probably too wide; a blog about miniature dachshunds is much better. So make sure your niche idea isn’t vague.

#2 – Are you planning on selling physical, digital or affiliate products on your blog?

Depending on what you plan to sell to earn a living make help you decide on the final selection of your niche. For me, I started with physical products but soon found I didn’t like dealing with returns. Since I loved digital marketing, graphic and social media design, I knew I was ultimately going to see digital products.

#3 – Does your niche have enough traffic for you to make money with it?

You can have a niche you love, but if no one is looking for what you want to share, make or sell, it won’t be a viable online business. Yes, you still may get a ton of followers and traffic but if this is to be a business endeavor then pick a niche that has a market behind it.

Once you’ve selected your niche then you can start looking for a good domain name and hosting provider. Don’t rush this; you’ve got all the time in the world. The worst thing would be to pick a niche and find out no one is interested in your topic so do a little research first. The time you spend on this is a wise investment down the road.

If you’re really lost and need some ideas, you can head over to my niche list on my store and get a copy for free.

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Blog Niche Ideas

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