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Active Campaign Review – 5 Reasons to choose the best email deliverability on the planet

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I get a ton of email and that’s an understatement, but doesn’t everybody these days. So making sure I see the emails that I really want to get affects how I send them as a small business owner because I know that I can’t engage with subscribers and potential customers if they never see my email. The best email deliverability on the planet means those emails you spent a lot of time writing don’t go to the spam folder.  Instead, they actually get seen.

You can make all the pretty subscribe forms you want but if your email to your subscribers is going to spam you have a problem.  I’ve used several email providers and have seen a variety of results.   Ultimately, a key goal when choosing a provider was and still is selecting one that is consistently top-rated for email deliverability.  Plus, any provider should have robust email marketing automation features and provide helpful customer support.  That’s some of the best reasons for choosing ActiveCampaign.

Email providers have strengths and weaknesses; some have wonderful drag and drop form builders, others offer low-cost options for new businesses and bloggers. But when push comes to shove, the mail has got to arrive otherwise what’s the point? So here’s a real-world review based on hands-on experience with Active Campaign that should leave you with some good vibes about using this email provider for your blog or business.

Active Campaign Review - 5 Reasons to choose the best email deliverability on the planet

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Essential Email Is Well …. Essential

No blog or small business can grow without it. For better or for worse, email is an essential part of being online without a good email provider engaging with subscribers is limited. Email is so essential to growing an online business that it is one of the first big choices when starting a blog or online business. Unless you’re a natural copywriter or email expert, email support offering quick answers for issues is critical. Email is the communication pipeline and email list building is a day to day operation. Waiting to get answers to email configuration or automation isn’t a good choice.

Being able to use online chat to ask questions, get answers and move on is the way to keep email flowing and your stress level low. No one wants to send an email, hope to hear back in a couple of hours or by the end of the day. Certainly, having to wait until the next day only to have to send another email is a level of frustration to avoid if possible. That’s a painfully slow way to do business in this online technical instantaneous world. It drives most people nuts because they already have a million things to do and limited time to get them done.

Why Active Campaign is different from other email providers

Active Campaign is set up differently. Their “campaigns” are the equivalent of Convertkit “broadcasts”. Their automation is completely visual and if/then statements with clickable links are built-in and part of the visual automation. They do have segments but they don’t have groups. Active Campaign’s online support is amazing and awesome. During standard business day hours, they are online although there’s always a queue. It’s helpful and much faster to get a real person to answer versus working with a chatbot that ultimately forces “send us an email and we’ll get back soon automation”. When you need support for a critical issue, sending an email and hoping for a quick response is not reassuring, especially since most of us aren’t email experts.

Active Campaign also offers migration help and provides an onboarding service (3/4 – 30-minute phone sessions with a real human being on the other end. But while migration from one email provider to another is not something done very often it’s nice to know that Active Campaign is there to make it go smoothly.

Active Campaign features are true benefits for growing your email list.

Advantage 1 – Robust list of email integrations

The email automation and marketing features are plenty in Active Campaign. With one of the largest lists of integrations available Active Campaign offers over 270+ integrations that small businesses and entrepreneurs can take advantage of. That makes ActiveCampaign very versatile for growing and managing an email list.

Advantage 2 – Powerful Automation Map Visualization

ActiveCampaign offers an automation map that looks similar to a typical mind map but this feature is a hidden gem. The automation map shows visually how created email marketing automations connect and therefore shows how subscribers will move from one automation to the next. This visual representation is useful to understand and make any corrections to individual automations.

Advantage 3 – Pre-designed Email Templates

ActiveCampaign offer a large selection of pre-designed email templates or you can pick a blank one to customize.

Advantage 4 – Form Builder and duplication

ActiveCampaign’s form builder is handy and easy to use but can require a bit of CSS customization. The form builder can even be used to create simple surveys and feedback email forms if desired. Should you decide you want to customize your forms with CSS and need help you could hire an AC designer; however, once a couple of forms are created simply use the duplicate feature and make the minor changes to text or background to get what you need quickly. The other option is to use a form builder like Elementor or ThriveLeads to create beautiful custom forms on WordPress that connect to ActiveCampaign.

Advantage 5 – Powerful email automation actions, events, and triggers.

This is one of the best features besides the top-rated deliverability of ActiveCampaign. Most email providers offer if-then and wait-delay actions or events. ActiveCampaign goes beyond that with “Goal” and “Go-to” actions in addition to the tagging and segmentation features. A “Goal” is a point in the flow that a subscriber will jump to once the goal is achieved; a goal could be a purchase, clicking a link or some other desired outcome. “Go-to” events allow moving a user from one automation branch to another branch or point in the email marketing automation. These are powerful ways to make sure the user is receiving exactly what they want.

These are just a handful of reasons that ActiveCampaign is a great choice as an email service provider. There are many other robust automation actions, events and triggers that ActiveCampaign offers making it incredibly flexible for small businesses and entrepreneurs.

Are you happy with your email provider? If not, I’d say kick the tires on ActiveCampaign because they do offer a free trial.

Are you an online course creator? Maybe you should check out the Convertkit review as a comparision.

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active campaign review - 5 reasons active campaign helps small business entrepreneurs

Active Campaign Review - 5 Reasons to choose the best email deliverability on the planet

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