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Just a techie that loves working with WordPress and “kicking the tires” on software and services that supplement small online business growth. This isn’t my primary business but it is a passion. I built WP Blogger Tools because I got tired of all the hype out there. I like to search for tools, solutions or products that I think would fit into my business model. Some work beautifully; some don’t cut the grade. A few products I found and subscribed to literally blasted me with emails on a daily basis trying to sell anything and everything. All I really wanted was what fit into my site, my budget and my small biz.

Got me thinking; there are other small biz owners looking for the right combination of products, services, and software that can help them grow online. More importantly, help them grow, keep costs in line and do it effectively so they aren’t working all hours of the day and nite. Because as a small biz owner, we wear many hats to get the job done and anything that can help do it better and faster without costing a fortune is worth it.

So I decided to create WP Blogger Tools, a site about products and services that small biz and bloggers need for running their business online. A no-nonsense site about solutions I found that worked and services that provided great support without being pushy. There’s a lot to do when it comes to building and growing a small business online: building a website, starting a blog, adding in e-commerce or engaging through social media. What to use, how to integrate, and how to manage it financially and efficiently takes time to figure out. It’s trial and error but here’s to cutting through all the hype and going straight for the most useful ideas in practice.

On WP Blogger Tools, you’ll see demos, honest reviews, what I use, what has worked for me and what I recommend to others. It’s your choice what you end up doing. So if that’s worth your time then check out my articles; if you’d like to receive my weekly newsletter then go ahead and subscribe. And yes, on some links I do get a commission that pays for the site. So thanks for checking out WP Blogger Tools. Enjoy. – MJ


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